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"Maria saved my horse and I. She taught me how to understand the body language and needs of my horse and has completely changed my life as an instructor and trainer. I got more out of my lessons with her in two years than I did the 12 years prior to her. Absolutely amazing and I'll forever be grateful for the lessons she taught me both in and out of the saddle.

Katrina Baxter


"Maria is by far the most knowledgeable and skilled human instructor and horse trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her ethics and professionalism as well as her advocacy for our equine partners are top notch. I highly recommend her.

Karen Davis


"Maria Elizabeth Smith has been my teacher for 20 years, when I first started with horses. She was already extremely experienced then. Her impact on my life, and the horses I love, has been beyond positive and profound.

Maria brings several uncommon gifts to her teaching approach. Two among many: She approaches each student, whether horse or human, as an individual – no rigid formula into which the student is crammed; and a broad, as well as deep foundation in all that she teaches. Her skills were not grown in one narrow discipline, nor does her mind work that way. Thus Maria has a wide scope of expertise on which to tailor her training to fit the human-horse pair that present themselves, and an innovative mindset that allows her to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to teaching. She truly knows you and your horse from the ground up. You will gain insights you never saw coming.

Perhaps the best recommendation of all comes from my horses themselves. No matter how much time has passed since they last saw her, they remember Maria. They will leave their graze on the back forty, ignore their food or their pasture buddies and come running in excitement to see her. I get it. I feel that way too. We collectively endorse Maria to you for instruction, whether your pursuit is building a closer bond with your horse, or winning medals at a USEF competition.

Chris E. McSherry


"I've been riding for 45 years, so I knew I knew something about horses and riders. I met Maria and I realized I knew next to nothing.  This trainer, farrier, rider, coach, knows more about horses than anyone I've met.  Add to that the intuition and relationship skills, combined with outstanding horsemanship.

In the last five years, I've seen her do things that I thought took months to train a horse into, in weeks. She's fixed two of my horses, and taught me more than twice what I knew. I am safer and enjoy my horses more than I ever had. She handled a horse with strength and respect, and handles her clients with humility. I found my trainer! It only took 45 years.

Mark Smith


"We had a great day of training with Maria. I'm so glad that I can have my son learn a safe and peaceful method of horsemanship... We had a lot of fun and our 9 year old is reciting much of the lesson to us tonight. Thank you.

Travis Recer


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Each workshop will focus on learning 2 New Pattern Exercises that will improve your horse’s relaxation, straightness, and impulsion. AND... everyone does a MUSICAL FREESTYLE with the patterns at the end!


* Movements that are put together into effective combinations

* Great for every skill level. The difficulty level can be easily adjusted for each horse and rider

* Creative and fun, but challenging enough to bring real training improvement

* Perfect for improving test elements without over-drilling the actual test


Only 6 Riders per Workshop
For a fun, supportive setting with individual attention.

3 Hours Long & Goes Fast!
A mix of discussion, individual riding, and controlled group riding, with musical freestyles at the end!

Printed Copies of the Exercises
Take home copies of the exercises, so you don’t forget. Start a notebook!

No Two are Alike!
Every workshop is different with new exercises and discussions.


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