Classical Naturally is...

Classical Naturally is not a training system.  It's a 'WAY' of practicing dressage.

Classical Naturally helps riders to create partnerships with their horses that are empowering, playful, and rewarding.

That 'way' is to put our connection with the horse first, to keep an attitude of creative focus, and to use knowledge in pursuit of technical excellence instead of force.

These are the tools we use:

  • French Classical Dressage sculpts horses and riders into educated gymnastic athletes. It teaches riders 'what' to do, but more importantly it teaches 'how' to do it with integrity and respect for the horse.
  • Science & Nature are the ultimate resources. They guide us toward what works, and they give us the tools and information that we need to fix the things that don't work.
  • Kindness is the stuff that connects us. It inspires confidence, cooperation, generosity, and joy in our training. It's the magic ingredient of all harmonious horsemanship.

Is Classical Naturally is a fit for you and your horse?

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What Students Are Saying...

Maria saved my horse and I. She taught me how to understand the body language and needs of my horse and has completely changed my life as an instructor and trainer. I got more out of my lessons with her in two years than I did the 12 years prior to her. Absolutely amazing and I'll forever be grateful for the lessons she taught me both in and out of the saddle.Katrina Baxter

"Seduce my mind and you can have my body.

Find my soul and I'm yours forever."

~ Your Horse