The Horses Who Shape Us

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I buried my friend Phoenix last week. ( He's the chestnut in many of the pictures on my website. )

I bought him as a scrawny unstarted 3yr old who was abandoned at a boarding barn in 2002. I named him for the dramatic life changes that I was going through at the time, and he and I went through a few more baptisms by fire together after that.

He lost his sight completely in one eye in an accident as a 7 yr old... then a few years later was hit by a car and broke his jaw... was barely healed up and still racked with fear when he carried me through 6 months of training in FL. It was the intense mental, emotional, and physical rebuilding there that would see him born again an extraordinary partner.

I've never seen a horse with so much will to keep going. Nothing slowed this horse down. There was no quit in him, and he always came out stronger for the struggles.

He taught me that adversity forges the strongest bonds, limitations are perspectives and not destinations, and that we all are in a constant state of becoming our next and greatest selves.

We made each other better, and he will continue to be my muse.

He finished his life in 2 years of happy retirement and became the most nurturing, wise, and gentlemanly leader of our herd. Such dignity and loyalty in that big heart.

It was an honor, my friend.

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