For the BodyAny pain or discomfort that a horse feels will affect their attitude, their athletic ability, their behavior, and eventually their soundness. 

If patterns of pain, tight muscles, and crookedness aren't corrected, they can start to tear down the horse's body.  This can happen from crookedness that they were born with, old injuries, sports related strains, poor saddle fit, and hoof imbalances, just to name a few.  Physical issues often show up as behavioral problems that just don't seem to get better with training.

For the horses that belong to my clients, I can improve training results by supporting the horse's body in a variety of ways. The horse's veterinarian is always consulted first to treat any lameness issues.  The support that I offer is part of the horse and rider's training, in the way any athlete would take care of their body.

I always refer clients out to vets or specialists in each field for major lameness issues.



Light & Sound Therapy

Jack PadThese non-invasive, non-prescription devices offer so many benefits for animals and people that I can't even begin to list them here!  They are the "go-to" source of relief for everyone in our two-legged and four-legged family.

I use the Pain Free Pad System for near infrared, infrared, and blue light, along with Nogier frequencies.  And I use two hand-held lights for small areas and acupoints.

They can be applied directly to injuries and training related stress areas, and they can be used to activate acupoints used in acupressure and acupuncture. Photonic Health makes some of the most powerful equipment on the market and gets phenominal results. Read the many jaw-dropping case studies HERE.

(I am not affiliated with or liscensed by Photonic Health.)

Gymnastics & Body Work

bodywork gymnasticsIssues like tight muscles, spasms from pinched nerves, strains & sprains, and adhesions cause problems for our equine athletes in training.  Even the best training programs will fall short, if the horse isn't physically ready for the lessons.

High-level human athletes have wellness programs and coaches to make sure that these issues get addressed along the way in training, so that their health and performance don't suffer.  I do this for my equine athletes.

I use gymnastic exercises that target specific areas of the horse's body to strengthen and stretch while in motion.  I also use standing stretches, massage, and soft tissue mobilization to increase blood flow, release muscles, and promote mental relaxation.

Natural Hoof Trimming

Great Hoof 450x338I refer my clients to a local natural hoof trimmer for ongoing hoof care.  However, there are times when I offer hoof trimming services.

Sometimes a good natural trimmer is hard to get scheduled, and a new horse may need a trim before he can safely begin training.

Horses occassionally come to me who are badly in need of hoof care and have behavioral issues standing for a trim.  I can address both at the same time, over a few days if necessary.

Conditions such as high-low syndrome will improve faster with frequent 2-3 week trims, along side of body work and gymnastic training.  I can make adjustments in between the regular 6 week trims by the horse's regular trimmer.

Saddle Fitting

SaddleFittingSaddle fitting should be an ongoing part of every horse's care.  The shape of their backs change as they mature, as they build muscle through training, and as their weight naturally fluctuates through the seasons.

In my experience, poorly fitting saddles cause more damage to horses' bodies and more behavioral issues than anything else.  The amount of pain that can be caused by pinching and pressure points is extreme and can easily cause irreversable damage over time. 

I am constantly evaluating the way every horse moves, any changes in their topline, and the placement and padding of the saddle.  If there is a need for adjustments to the saddle itself, I will recommend a professional saddle fitter or another saddle.



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