FP DressageMonthly Training

Full monthly training consists of 5 hours training per week, which can be used in the form of me coaching the owner with the horse or me training the horse.

Horse owners are encouraged to be a part of the training process as much as possible.  I do everything that I can to ensure that owners are trained along with their horses.

PERFECT FOR: Competitive horse and rider teams, young horses, challenging horses, and rider's with new horses.

Hourly Training

Hourly training is a great way to get help with sticky spots that come up in training.  I evaluate the horse and rider, do the initial training and problem solving with the horse myself when necessary, and then coach the owner through the training process.

PERFECT FOR: Riders learning new skills, Horse stuck on a specific skill or task, Small behavioral issues, Pre-Purchase evaluations.

Nate-Through-Trot-450x338Young Horse Training

I offer training for young horses of all ages and stages of training and have started 100's of horses under saddle over the past 30 years.  There is no greater responsibility as a trainer than being entrusted to shape the mind and body of a young horse, and no greater privilege. It has always been one of my favorite jobs.

A horse literally remembers every "first" that he ever experiences. Those memories either lay a solid foundation for the future, or they accumulate into a path of dysfunction that will have to be cleaned up before moving forward in training.  My goal is always to protect a young horse's sensitivity, willingness, and natural freedom of movement.

Starting Under Saddle

Three-year-olds should be tasked with developing good relationships with humans, being taught language and communication on the ground, learning to wear the bridle through work in hand (on the ground), and strengthening their bodies on the lunge line.  It does not benefit a three year old physically to be ridden.  If the horse's body is strong enough and they are big enough, I will do some ridden work at a walk and few minutes of trot with a "long" three year old (almost four).

It’s generally not until their four year old year that I start a program of trotting, light lateral work, and then finally canter work. The growth plates in their vertebrae are not fused until they are 5 1/2 - 8 years old.   For this reason I spend a portion of each training session on ground work to protect the young horse’s soundness, purity of movement, and athletic potential.  

BicheShoulderInEarsUp 450pxBefore their sport career begins, every horse needs to know:

  • To trust under gentle leadership and to defer to their rider for guidance and safety.
  • A solid understanding of language through body language, touch, & voice.
  • To follow the feel of physical contact with lightness, relaxation, and confidence.
  • To allow the rider to rate their flow of energy/impulsion.
  • To allow the rider to influence their posture and their point of balance.

Sport specific skills are then added to this foundation to create a horse who is an "expert" in their field.

  • Hourly Training

    $50 /hour Mobile Training Available 2 hour minimum if over 10 miles travel Owner pays any arena fees
  • Monthly Half Training

    $300 / month Board not included. 3 hours / week Will travel to your horse if under 10 miles.
  • Monthly Full Training

    $500 / month Board not included. 5 hours / week Will travel to your horse if under 10 miles.
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Next Event

Each workshop will focus on learning 2 New Pattern Exercises that will improve your horse’s relaxation, straightness, and impulsion. AND... everyone does a MUSICAL FREESTYLE with the patterns at the end!


* Movements that are put together into effective combinations

* Great for every skill level. The difficulty level can be easily adjusted for each horse and rider

* Creative and fun, but challenging enough to bring real training improvement

* Perfect for improving test elements without over-drilling the actual test


Only 6 Riders per Workshop
For a fun, supportive setting with individual attention.

3 Hours Long & Goes Fast!
A mix of discussion, individual riding, and controlled group riding, with musical freestyles at the end!

Printed Copies of the Exercises
Take home copies of the exercises, so you don’t forget. Start a notebook!

No Two are Alike!
Every workshop is different with new exercises and discussions.


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