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All riders are welcome... because Classical Dressage applies to everyone!

  • Do you want a great partnership with your horse, where you're both motivated, cooperating, and enjoying the work? 
  • Would you like to be able to use your aids LESS and have your horse be MORE responsive? 
  • Would you like to be able to help your horse reach their physical potential as an athlete AND improve their long term soundness? 
  • Would you like to become a more technically skilled rider?

Dressage is a Team Sport

Once your horse trusts you, understands you, and has a positive attitude about work... teaching dressage movements is so much easier!  When those things are in place, dressage becomes like many other sports, where perfecting skills is the focus.  It becomes more physical and gymnastic. Cooperation of the rider/horse team and building gymnastic skills are INSEPARABLE in dressage. ...just like in any other team sport.

Many riders have a hard time reading their horse and the training situation. They can't quite pin point whether their horse doesn't understand, isn't motivated to do the exercise, isn't strong enough, or if their horse is experiencing pain during the exercise.

One of the biggest emotional obstacles that a dressage rider has to overcome is the temptation to call all training challenges "obedience" issues. This does absolutelly nothing for developing a team, and it often leads to training techniques that damage horses. I will guide you through the training process to help you develop an eye for reading your horse, so that you can help them succeed.

Fearful rider?

If you are one of the many riders who would like to build their confidence, I can help you with that, too.  I provide an emotionally and physically safe environment for riders and horses that is free from judgment.  Any lesson can be set up to consider the rider's relaxation, as well as the horse's.

What do riders learn?

Classical dressage is a very large curriculum that hasn't changed much in centuries.  I teach the elements of competition tests, but I also go beyond to include schooling figures and exercises that are practiced in classical equitation.

I also believe that horses need to cross-train to remain sound and sane.  Doing focused dressage exercises are key to development, but they can be very confining, both physically and mentally.  By adding a few minutes of other activities that offer more freedom of movement and expression, like cavaletti or ground work, we can keep our horses engaged and happy about their dressage. 

Those other activities aren't "free" time.  They are carefully planned extensions of the primary lesson, and are often more challenging than the dressage work.  The primary goal should always be to have a great all-around horse with a specialty.  That specialty could be dressage, working equitation, jumping, etc.

What else can be included in lessons?

Jeanne Heavens Gate

I have an extensive background in behavior, and I also offer some lesson topics that complement dressage training.

1. PROBLEM SOLVING: I can teach you to solve behavioral issues with your horse using positive reward based (R+) methods.  No drama, no trauma!

2. LIBERTY: I can teach you to have an AMAZING fun time training your horse at liberty!  This does wonders for bonding and motivation with your horse.

3. OBSTACLES: Working Equitation or trail type obstacles are also another fun way to cross-train.  It does wonders for horses who are spooky during their dressage tests or have trouble with control outside of the arena.  I highly recommend it for horses who need to relax more.

4. BODY WORK: I also offer gymnastic body work for your horse's sore or tight muscles.  I can help with loosening your horse's stiff side, mobility in the poll and jaw, and de-contract a sore topline.  I use a high performance light and sound wave therapy system and then yoga-type stretches.

Quotes From the Masters

The fine arts produce true beauty only if they stay within the confines of nature. Any digression beyond these boundaries is punished by distortions and caricatures and, although fashion sometimes sees beauty in such aberrations, they have nothing in common with true art.

Gustav Steinbrecht
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    $50 / hr Private $35 / 30 min Private $35 / hr Group
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    $300/ mo 2 Private lessons / wk FREE Coaching at local shows/events Unlimited coaching via email Q&A
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    $65 / hr Private $45 / hr Group 2 Hr minimum if further than 10 miles
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Each workshop will focus on learning 2 New Pattern Exercises that will improve your horse’s relaxation, straightness, and impulsion. AND... everyone does a MUSICAL FREESTYLE with the patterns at the end!


* Movements that are put together into effective combinations

* Great for every skill level. The difficulty level can be easily adjusted for each horse and rider

* Creative and fun, but challenging enough to bring real training improvement

* Perfect for improving test elements without over-drilling the actual test


Only 6 Riders per Workshop
For a fun, supportive setting with individual attention.

3 Hours Long & Goes Fast!
A mix of discussion, individual riding, and controlled group riding, with musical freestyles at the end!

Printed Copies of the Exercises
Take home copies of the exercises, so you don’t forget. Start a notebook!

No Two are Alike!
Every workshop is different with new exercises and discussions.


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