SharonHersheyLesson Details

  • I am happy to teach riders of any skill level.
  • I will accept students as young as 8 years.
  • Riders must own a horse. I don't currently provide school horses.
  • At the Rising Star Ranch location, I only teach English riders as my part on the teaching team.
  • At all other locations, I offer Western Dressage & Cowboy Dressage lessons in addition to "English" disciplines.

What do riders learn?

Classical dressage is a very large subject that hasn't changed much in centuries. Everything is taught in a logical order, just like children being educated from kindergarten through high school.  I teach a complete classical program that includes dressage, jumping, working equitation, and liberty training. 

We work on which ever skills the rider and their horse need to learn that day, using the types of exercises that the rider enjoys. Everyone goes at their own pace. This is a low pressure, high quality program!

Jeanne Heavens GateWhat types of activities are included in lessons?

Ground Work, Riding, Work In Hand, Lunging, Liberty

I have riders practice classical schooling figures, patterns, obstacles, cavaletti & jumps, riding tests, musical freestyle, or hacking out on trails.  Variety keeps lessons interesting for both horse and rider!

If a horse is in need and the rider requests it, we can include body work, hoof trimming, or saddle fit. 

Sometimes there are very specific "real life" issues that come up, like water crossing, trailer loading, standing for the farrier, getting shots, etc.  We can temporarily focus lessons on helping the horse past these challenges, while teaching the owner about learning theory (i.e. positive & negative reinforcement, desensitizing, etc.)

Quotes From the Masters

A hard bit has the effect of constraining a horse whereas we have to stop it from hurting him. We can only succeed with a gentle bit and above all an intelligent hand: since the bit is the hand and a nice hand is the whole rider.

Fran├žois Baucher
  • Lessons at Your Facility

    $60 / hour Private $40 / hour Group No Travel Fees Rider pays any arena fees
  • Rising Star Boarders

    $60 / hour Private $40 / 30 minute Private $40 / hour Group
  • Trailer In Lessons

    $70 /hour $50 / hour Group For Rising Star Ranch Location Only
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