Bridless Jump 450x338Jumping is traditionally something that all classical riders learned. It was a must for the cavalry horses long before it became a sport and then a separate riding discipline. 

Even if you and your horse aren't up for "jumping big" or riding a cross country course, you can both get a great workout and have loads of fun riding a variety of patterns and combinations with cavaletti and cross rails!

Jumping Exercises Improve Your Horsemanship By...

  • Breaking up boring arena work and providing variety.
  • Building your horse's topline and improving their balance.
  • Helping horses to become confident, forward, and fit.
  • Building a horse's problem-solving ability.
  • Teaching a horse and rider to work together.
  • Helping riders to improve their balance, fitness, and timing.


Casper Jump webImprove Your Riding

Improve your posture and alignment, how you use your aides, and develop laser focus that will boost your horse's confidence in you!

Improve Your Horse's Jumping Skills

Teach your horse to "seek the jump" by himself, and build his ability to rate his strides and rebalance before and after jumps.  Horses are born with jumping ability!  We can bring out their natural talents.

Address Behavioral Issues

Behaviors like refusing, running out of jumps, rushing or crashing through jumps, and rushing off or bucking after the jump are all common issues.  I'll guide you through the training process to get lasting change.

zona jumpingJumping Ground Work

I can teach you to jump your horse on the lunge and at liberty, whether you want to spice up your training or you're preparing your horse for competition.  Your horse will never jump with better form than when he's not burdened by a rider and equipment.  It allows him full range of motion with relaxed muscles, and that's hard to match under saddle.

All riders must wear ASTM/SEI Certified Helmets when jumping.

(My apologies to any folks troubled by my picture above without a helmet. He was my favorite horse, and I love that picture of him.)


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