PhoenixRearMore Than Just the Round Pen  

I don't think there's anything you can do with a horse that shows the quality of your partnership and the clarity of the language you share as much as liberty work.  When there is no tack on a horse, there is nothing left but the two of you sharing ideas and doing things together because you want to and you can.  The feeling you get from this kind of connection with a horse is beyond words!

Add It To Any Riding Discipline

There is no riding discipline that liberty training doesn't improve.  It builds the bond and loyalty between you and your horse, and it dramatically improves how you use your aids when you communicate. You will become fluent in "body language" and develop the kind of feel in your horsemanship that makes horses fall in love with you.

If you pair liberty work with clicker training, you can take your horse to an advanced level in a surprisingly short period of time. 



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