WE ViennaWhy Working Equitation?

  • All disciplines, breeds, and levels can participate!
  • It's a sport that is actually fun for your horse, too!
  • High quality horsemanship + purpose + fun!
  • Even if you don't want to compete, the training does incredible things for your horsemanship!

What Is Working Equitation?

Working equitation is a competition for horses that simulates the working tasks and equitation techniques that they might do in the field while taking care of ranches and farms. It's a sport that originated in Europe but is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. The competitions are an exciting way to demonstrate a horse and rider's partnership, maneuverability, and effectiveness without compromising a correct classical horsemanship foundation.


Competition are made up of three or four different events that are staged in this order: (not all competitions include cow work)

  • DRESSAGE - the horse and rider perform a freestyle dressage test to music within a specified time.
  • EASE OF HANDLING TRIAL - horse and rider negotiate obstacles similar to those that would appear in the field, such as bridges and gates. The obstacle course is designed to show the partnership between horse and rider and is scored on finesse over speed.
  • SPEED TRIAL - has similar obstacles as the "ease of handling trial" , but is a timed speed event.
  • COW WORK (only for team competitions)- a "cutting and sorting" type event where four team members work together to separate a specific cow from a group.



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