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<b>Horse & Rider Bio-Mechanics</b>
Horse & Rider Bio-MechanicsBuild Balance, Refine Your Aids
And Help Your Horse To Move & Feel Their Best
<b>Ground Training</b>
Ground TrainingFrom A Young Horse's First Lessons
To Classical Work In Hand & Long Lining
PROBLEM SOLVINGKind, Effective Solutions for Common Problems
On the Ground & In the Saddle
<b>Personal Horsemanship Development</b>
Personal Horsemanship DevelopmentTaking A Look at Horsemanship
Through the Lens of Self-Mastery & Leadership



Classical Naturally Blog

Top 10 Strategies for High-Energy "Naughty" Horses

This horse was born to be a RockStar!  Don't make the mistake of dimming their light!  They have way too much to offer.  Here are 10 training...
Classical Naturally Blog

Top 10 Strategies for High-Energy "Anxious" Horses

You know these horses.  You can't miss them.  They're the ones with high heads, wide eyes, and busy feet.  Spooking and running off seem to come with the...
Classical Naturally Blog

Top 10 Strategies for Low-Energy "Dominant" Horses

This horse gets called "disrespectful, grumpy, dominant, pushy, aggressive, or mean".  But that's really not completely fair.  In THEIR mind THEY are...

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