French Classical Dressage

Sport Horse Colt Starting

Natural Horsemanship

French Classical Dressage

Force-Free Colt Starting

Natural Horsemanship

Problem Solving

French Classical Dressage

Classical riding based on lightness, self-carriage, and healthy bio-mechanics. This is dressage that horses love, and it can be applied to all riding disciplines.

Sport Horse Colt Starting

I have refined my colt starting process over 35 years and have helped over a 1000 young horses to have a stress-free start that prepares them for their riding career.

Natural Horsemanship

Improve your relationship with your horse, solve behavior problems, build confidence, and learn all the fun stuff, like liberty training or bridleless riding!
<b>Group & Private Lessons</b>
Group & Private LessonsNW Arkansas & Surrounding Areas
All Disciplines Welcome
<b>Sport Horse Colt Starting</b>
Sport Horse Colt StartingLimited Spots Available
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CLINICS & WORKSHOPS1-3 Day Lesson Clinics
2.5 Hr Group Workshops
<b>Learning Resources</b>
Learning ResourcesVideo Library Coming 2022
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Combining the lightness & artful gymnastic training of French Equitation with the relationship building & motivational psychology of Natural Horsemanship for a more balanced & adaptable approach to horsemanship.

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