Natural Horsemanship

Both horses and people will tell you that this is where all the fun stuff happens! That's because this is where the greatest connection happens.


Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy that can be applied to any discipline of horsemanship. It's based on the understanding of horse behavior, a true shared language, and using psychology to motive instead of force.

The more you let go of the need to physically control a horse, and allow the horse to make their own choices as they learn, the more "behavior building" you actually get done.  The horse becomes an active participant as they complete tasks and achieve goals through their own understanding and willingness to do so. 

In traditional horsemanship, riders work to train a horse to be submissive, so that they can easily shape and guide their horse's body while the horse is passive.  The magic of Natural Horsemanship is that when you don't trap and force a horse, they give you their heart and soul. Once that happens, the possibilities are endless.


Natural Horsemanship is BEST when you pair it with Classical Dressage, so that you learn to help your horse move in a healthy, athletic way. Behavior & "Learning Psychology" develops their minds, but healthy posture develops their bodies. This will keep them physically sound for a long, happy life.

BAREBACK & BRIDLE-LESSSynchronizing Focus, Energy, Gait & Direction
The Ultimate Test of What Your Horse "Knows"
<b>Western Dressage & Ranch Horse Training</b>
Western Dressage & Ranch Horse TrainingUnshakeable, Responsive, Athletic, Agile & Clever
Classical Naturally For the Western Equine Athlete
LIBERTY TRAININGTeach Language & Responsibility
While Engaging Their Minds & Bodies
<b>Calm, Confident, and Connected Jumping</b>
Calm, Confident, and Connected JumpingTeach Your Horse To Synchronize
With Your Focus, Energy, Gait & Direction
PROBLEM SOLVINGTrailer Loading, Spooking, Bucking, Bulking
& Other Common Behavior Problems
<b>Obstacle Training</b>
Obstacle TrainingTrail Obstacles & Desensitization & Working Equitation
Are Always Favorites for Both Riders & Horses


Popular Topics include LIBERTY, HORSES WHO WON'T GO, HORSES WHO WON'T SLOW, & PATTER WORKSHOPS (learn 3 training patterns per workshop).

Host an event and participate for FREE!


1 Hr Private Lesson

  • 1 Hr Group Lesson = $45/person
  • Will Travel for Multiple Lessons Back-To-Back at No Extra Charge
  • Rider Is Responsible for Any Arena Fee Charged by Their Facility
$70.00at Horses For Healing

Group Workshops

  • 2.5 Hours Group Activities
  • 6 Participants Per Workshop
  • Book Morning Ground Work & Afternoon Riding for a Full Day Clinic
  • Host Participates for FREE!
$75Per Person


Combining the lightness & artful gymnastic training of French Equitation with the relationship building & motivational psychology of Natural Horsemanship for a more balanced & adaptable approach to horsemanship.

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